Submission Rules


The entry period is October 3, 2017 through March 15, 2018.

The entry fees and deadlines:

October 1 – October 31: $20

November 1 - December 31: $35

January 1 - January 31: $45

February 1 - February 28: $50

All winners will be announced on April 15, 2018.

There are no restrictions on the creation date of the films or screenplays, so if you don’t have something new, dust off your masterpiece and send it our way!

All judging decisions are final.

Submitters must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent or guardian submit on minors behalf).

Failure to comply with guidelines, rules, regulations, and eligibility is cause for disqualification. Entry fees are non-refundable.


The $500 prize will be paid to each winning film to compensate the submitter for the licensing of their film.

Films should be 30 minutes or less (excluding credits).

All non-English language films must have English language subtitles.

Our judges are looking for creative and well-produced short films that broadly fit within the horror genre. An engaging, well-told story is essential, but our judges will also score films based on strong acting, stunning cinematography, skillful directing, and tight editing.

The anthology will run for approximately 90 minutes, so depending on the running times of the highest scoring shorts, between three and ten films will be selected.

This is a competition, so only the winning films will be included in the anthology.

Submitter must hold all rights, permissions, and releases to the film (including but not limited to music). We will ask for confirmation of clearance of these rights if your film is selected.

Winners will be required to sign a license agreement with Death Cat Entertainment, LLC giving them a 5-year, worldwide, NON-EXCLUSIVE license to distribute the film as they see fit. At a minimum, the anthology will be distributed on DVD and VOD with the potential for additional distribution channels.

If the anthology takes off, we plan to award the filmmakers bonuses at various profit milestones that will be detailed in the licensing agreement.


Screenplays should be 15 pages or less (excluding title page).

Screenplays must be in English.

Screenplays should be in standard industry format.

Our judges are looking for creative and well-written screenplays that broadly fit within the horror genre. An engaging story is essential, but our judges will also score screenplays based on strong characterization, tight pacing, believable dialog, and originality.

This is a competition, with only one screenplay winning the prize.

Screenplays must be the original work of the submitter. Writing teams are permitted, but only one $500 prize will be awarded.

Representatives of Death Cat Entertainment will contact the winner to discuss potentially producing the script for the next volume of "Grave Intentions."


If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions.